I live in Bangalore, India (UTC+0530)

I have an degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering which I earned back in 1988.

I worked at a host of companies doing various things – at ABB, installing industrial control systems, at Infosys writing GUIs to interface with embedded systems, worked with Xerox PARC to create multimedia authoring & presentation tools, and at a certain startup that I shall not name where I built software running on VxWorks including a NAT implementation – before I ended up at Cisco Systems in 1999.

I was at Cisco till late 2017, by which time I had written, debugged, tested, deployed and supported boatloads of networking and system infrastructure code. I was also on the wrong side of 50 and feeling the onset of burnout, at which point I quit and began freelancing.

E-mail me at

I don’t use social media, unless you count my negligible LinkedIn presence.

I am a regular contributor on the networking subreddit: read some of my pearls of wisdom here:

I used to contribute at the Network Engineering StackExchange site, but after a while I began to dislike the format: the Reddit style is more to my liking. Here are some of my answers on the NE StackExchange site.